35 years In Global Corporate

Charlie Bluehawk

35-years in global corporate management and consulting, IT, security, penetration testing, programme management (project-change-release-problem-risk-service desk), SysAdmin, Technical Services Manager (CIO), Managing Director, ITSM (ITIL) Master (ISO 27001), Maturity Assessment Auditor, SOX, JSOX, Business Development, Headhunting, documentation and training.


NASA, JPL, Caltech
Disney, Raytheon, MTV
Telecom New Zealand

Beginning in 1985, Charlie has worked in many different industries, at many different levels, starting as a Mac Tech  at a small Hollywood Studio, being on the "A" List at three executive Employment Agencies, up to CTO and CEO, Managing Director with worldwide reaching firms.

Key areas of expertise include Information DevOps methodology, Security, Records Management, Information and IT Risk Management, IT Compliance, Data Warehouse architecture, Database Design, MSV (malware-spyware-virus) detection and prevention (software and hardware),

Can you control your Work environment?

That is Charlie's Number One priority:
Controlling the production and business environments:

Mission Statement

Charlie is a Senior Project Manager, Managing Director (CEO, CTO), Organizational Change Management, CMDB,  Configuration Management, Business Process Change, ITIL Master (ITIL Master and Instructor), with extensive international corporate and business experience, discovery (quality assurance, maturity assessment of documentation, policy, process, and procedure)
IT Maturity auditing, with more then 35-years in global corporate
management, data warehousing, big data, quality assessment, risk / release management, and control maturity assessment. Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows 7 System Administrator.

Working Remotely Globally

Charlie works globally - in any time zone - based on the client's location.

Charlie is also happy  to work on-site at the client's offices.
To work on-site, the client will pre-pay all expenses, including business class travel round-trip and accommodations.

Documentation Downloads:
Charlie Bluehawk Cover Letter 2021
Charlie Bluehawk CV Brief 2021
Charlie Bluehawk CV EU Europass 2021
Charlie Bluehawk CV ICT Security 2021
Charlie Bluehawk CV Portfolio 2021

Having worked his way up from the very bottom of the corporate ladder, and having worked at every level of IT and corporate environments, Charlie is ideally suited to finding the very best employees for the task at hand. He also has extensive experience in Security Consulting, Training classes in ITIL and IT; designing and running Change Management, Problem Management, and Incident Management discovery, documentation, workshops.

Implementing new technologies